Dr. Kavya Manam

Dr. Kavya Manam


MBBS, MD General Medicine, CCD Diabetology
Speciality - Diabetology

Dr. Kavya Manam is a recognized General Medicine Physician who has an overall experience of more than 7 years. She has a special interest in Diabetes, Hypertension , Thyroid, Vitamin Deficiencies, Gut disorders, and Fever Management for Dengue, Typhoid, Malaria, Covid, Influenza and more.

She has managed Intensive Care Unit in TIMS, Gachibowli (Government Hospital) during Covid. She is capable of handling ICU and MICU care patients, tackling various issues from Electrolyte disturbances, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Pneumonia, and more.

She also practices Preventive Healthcare with her immense knowledge regarding Adult Vaccinations according to guidelines , regular healthscreening for both younger and elderly age groups and Supplementations that can help guide you with your existing healthissues and also help her patient live life to their optimal point.

Dr Kavya Manam precisely follows practices that are reasearch based aproach, clinic based diagnosis and preventive medicine . Not only she is best at treating her patients, she also presents immense understanding and communication skills, empathy and kindness. She has been awarded the Covid Warrior Momentum by HRDA (Healthcare reforms doctors services) and other various awards.

Her commitment to medical education is evident in her role as she is also a enthusiastic speaker on lifestyle disorders and have overall done more than 500 webinars . She is a trusted figure in the field of General Medicine, continually contributing to the well-being of her patients.

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