We are amongst the few centers in India who perform ESRT based fittings.We offer a choice of available Fully Digital Hearing Aids for age groups ranging from 3-month-old baby to 60-year-old Adult.

Emergency Services:

services-img5For patients with acute ENT complaints such as Giddiness, Epistaxis (bleeding from nose), Stridor, Foreign Body in the Ear, Nose, Throat and Faciomaxillary Trauma are attended round the clock.
 A brief glimpse of our facilities:


Sinusitis :
MAA ENT with its immense experience in treating chronic sinusitis uses FESS method, as this becomes very services-img6simple & daycare with debrider tech; FESS gives excellent results in minimal sinusitis cases, and however an extensive sinusitis requires TFSE which when performed with safety yields high success rate.

Now this surgery with “C.T. Guided Navigation” is “Complete” and “Safe”. Our hospital is 2nd in country and 1st in South India – A truly world standard.

MAA ENT with additional aid of coblation and laser technology makes this a near zero complication procedure and results a very high success rate. Some patients might be genetically allergic, which in case, have to be managed by anti-allergic treatment for a very long time.

Tonsillitis :
services-img2Tonsillitis is the most commonly encountered problem among children and young adults. Though the treatment for this has been prescribed as surgery in chronic cases by science, it takes only an expertise to do the job accurately.

MAA the very name that suggests you caring offers excellent tonsil surgery with LASER as well as COBLATOR techniques.

Cochlear implant (CI) :
services-img1Cochlear Implant (CI), a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of hearing to a person, who is profoundly deaf. The Cochlear Implant is often referred as an external ear. This aid is much user friendly & can be adapted by all ages. We, at MAA give you the best of the CI fittings & treatment associated with hearing problems with LASER is more precised.
Snoring :
Snoring, the most common problem faced by every one at one or the other time in their lives, it is acute & unbearable in some. The soft palate is the soft tissue that forms the roof of oral cavity. Its vibration during sleep is known as snoring. Treatment for snoring can involve reshaping of palate & uvula.

MAA helps you give a snore free life, we adopt coblation technique to treat this. Coblation technique surgery can be considered as a surgery with a plasma knife, which is almost bloodless & less painful. Post surgically many patients experience a reduction in severity of snoring approximately within six weeks.

Stapedectomy :
Stapedectomy is a surgical procedure of the middle ear, performed to improve hearing. MAA ENT provides theservices-img4 most successful & congenial post care treatments for hearing loss at the middle ear level. Stapedectomy performed with laser ensures accuracy of the treatment. Otosclerosis is a disease of fixation of ear bone (stapes) resulting in deafness and peculiar sounds in the ear. The stapes bone that is fixed is to be functionally / anatomically replaced by Teflon or Titanium piston. This when done with laser gives 99.9% success rate.
Micro Ear Surgery :
The defect in the tympanic membrane or disease in mastoid bone leads to ear discharge and deafness. This services-img5mastoid bone disease triggers risk of spreading infection to brain and other vital nerves. One could avoid this danger by Micro ear surgery. This surgery is performed with the aid of German Microscope OPMI 111 and Medtronic Visao Disposable drills gives a near zero complication and 99.9% success rate. The additional use of Robotic LASER helps faster recovery.
Voice Surgeries :
Most of the voice disorders are the result of tumour or extra growth over the very finely tuned vocal cords. The surgery on these tender finely tuned vocal cords requires precision and absolute bloodless field during the surgery. MAA achieves this with the aid of Israeli ROBOTIC CO2 laser and German Microscope. Stroboscopy helps in early diagnosis cancer of larynx or commonly known as throat cancer.
Hearing Aids :
MAA ENT is committed socially to eradicate deafness from the society. The state of the art Audiology lab facilitates this mighty mission of diagnosing different types of deafness and helps the specially able population by fitting the perfectly tuned channel free DIGITAL hearing aids. (Swiss Engineering)

We offer Fully Digital Hearing Aids for 3 months baby to 60 year old Adult.