What Is Black Fungus/White Fungus & Why Is It A Problem?

What Is Black Fungus/White Fungus & Why Is It A Problem?

The aftermath of contracting Coronavirus is more dangerous and complicated than what was initially thought. A concerning fungus known as Mucormycosis (or Black Fungus/White Fungus) is making rounds in every news channel owing to its alarming spreading rate and its lethality. 

Mucormycosis thrives on dead plants & animals and helps convert them into soil. This type of fungus is omnipresent and can be found pretty much everywhere. The fungus is so prominent that its seeds enter our nose every minute. Fortunately, though, it is the skin lining of our nose that prevents infections and these seeds are thus, usually harmless.

However, in the case of newly recovered Coronavirus patients, the Black Fungus/White Fungus can become fatal. Covid leaves the body’s immune system compromised & heavily damaged. This makes it possible for the fungi to infiltrate its way into our body and wreak havoc. The pesky Black Fungus/White Fungus blocks the blood supply and gradually eats away the devitalized parts. It feeds off a person’s upper jaw bone, eyes and teeth in a similar manner before making its way to the brain. 

The Mucormycosis Symptoms can be identified by observing conditions such as nasal discharge, blocked nose, headache & intolerable pain that doesn’t subside by even the most potent painkillers. The chances to contract the Black Fungus/White Fungus is especially high in Covid-recovered patients who have underlying issues such as diabetes or asthma. The Mucormycosis Symptoms are not alarming at the start but the problem multiplies with time. It is highly recommended to rush to a specialist at the very first symptom. 

This virus has a fatality rate of 20% and it may be treated in 15-20 days upon early detection. The Black Fungus/White Fungus Treatment involves taking medications and removal of this virus from the body. This is a very intricate and delicate process that may be painful. The most important task at hand is to immediately curb the spread of the fungus and prevent it from spreading internally to other organs. Because this disease can infect different parts of the anatomy, the complete Black Fungus/White Fungus Treatment may also involve surgical removal of infected body parts, such as the upper jaw or eyes. The treatment is only considered successful when the last bit of the virus is removed to ensure zero possibility of a reinvasion. 

Taking necessary precautions and remaining alert at all times is highly advisable to effectively curb the cases of Mucormycosis

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