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 ent specialist

  Only hospital having CT guided sinus surgery in South India.

  CO2 LASER for the FIRST TIME in entire South India.
  4000 Micro Ear Surgeries.
  ESRT based fittings for Cochlear Implant Programming.
  More than 40 ENT Doctors have been trained in doing FESS.
  16 National & 24 International FESS conferences.
  More than 50,000 patients were screened in FREE CAMPS.
  First CO2 “Robotic” Laser in the South India.
  Coblator-II from Arthocare USA First unit in India.
  Most Advanced Hearing Implants in the world.
  Two Zeiss Operating Microscopes– OPM1-111 from Germany for Perfect micro surgery.
  Digital Hearing aids “Music for your Ear” Best HEARING AIDS in the world  brought to Hyderabad.
  Excellent Sinus Surgery results with Debrider–Robotic Laser–Coblator.
  Fully equipped sleep lab with 24 channel Polysomnography for Snoring surgery.