“A cochlear implant is an electrical device that directly stimulates the hearing nerve to restore hearing.At our hospital,we help patients improve their families improve their quality of life by managing severe to profound hearing loss with cochlear implants.”

Our goals are to:

Educate each patient and family before surgery

Provide the best possible surgical experience

Provide lifelong care and support after surgery

Many of our pediatric cochlear implant recipients are able to:

Develop spoken language

Perform at grade-appropriate levels for both expressive and receptive language

Function and excel in mainstream education environments

Many of our adult cochlear implant recipients are able to:

Reconnect with family and loved ones

Perform at exceptionally high levels in the work force

Avoid social isolation,depression and loneliness

Enjoy music and talk on the telephone

Every child has individual and specialized needs,and we listen carefully to what his/her goals are as well.

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MAA CI Programme